Fishing Reports

Buffalo River – River levels –

Ponca – 1.92 feet and 47 cfs, very low
Pruitt – 3.94 feet and 75 cfs, very low
Tyler Bend – 4.40 feet and 222 cfs, low – 1300 cfs is average
Buffalo Point – 3.56 feet and 543 cfs, low moderate

Water temperatures this last week are ranging from 60-70 degrees averaging 64 degrees.

King’s River – The river gauge near Grandview is reading 3.44 feet and 147 cfs. The average is 600 cfs this time of year. Fair level for floating and fishing and very clear. Water temperatures are hitting near 54-67 degrees in the afternoon and averaging 64 degrees. Fish are biting on green pumpkin seed and white soft plastics. Fly fishing is good with Tequeely streamers and crazy dads.

Crooked Creek – The gauge at Kelly’s Slab is reading 10.54 ft and 203 cfs. This is about 2.25 feet under the low water bridge at Kelly’s Access, but is very floatable. Water temperatures have been averaging 64 degrees.

King’s River, Buffalo River and Crooked Creek – Water levels are low and very clear. Hope for some rain. Water temperatures are in the mid 60’s, good for smallmouth. Make sure you are fishing the deep holes on warm sunny days. Some good fish have been caught. With the warmer temperatures continuing, fishing is really picking up. Fish slow and deep with soft plastics or crawdad pattern flies. The rivers are at early summer levels and very clear. Stealth is needed.

White River –

Beaver Tailwaters- Lake level is 1120.2 feet which is 0.2 feet into conservation pool. The Corp of Engineers having been running water to 7500 cfs from 8-10 pm. Fishing has been very good. Fish are biting on zebra midges mainly with black/silver, blue dun/blue and wine/copper being the best colors.

Bull Shoals Tailwaters- Lake level is 653.93 feet, 0.07 feet into the conservation pool. Flows are continuous at 2100-10,600 cfs with peak flows at 7-10 pm and 2,000-5,000 cfs during the day. Caddis are still predominant and a few sulphur mayflies are starting to show up. BH Z-Wing Caddis, Graphic Caddis, X-Caddis, BH Pheasant Tail, Copper John, Parachute Sulphur, sow bug, Hump Back Scud, San Juan Worm and various streamers are all recommended.

Norfork Tailwaters- Lake level is 552.10 feet, 0.1 feet into flood pool. Flows are still high as the COE lowers the lake. Highest flows are happening twice per day with flows to 6,000 cfs. High water nymph and streamer tactics are your best option right now. Worms, eggs, scuds, sow bugs, caddis and mayfly patterns, wooly buggers, zonkers and gongas are some of the recommended patterns.

Upper White/Twin Bridges- White bass are still in the river as the spawn is really slowed down. Most fish are being found 2 miles upstream of the 45 Bridge. Clousers, zonkers and wooly buggers in chartreuse, gray, olive, white and tan are recommended. Look for hybrid and stripers in the river if we get some rain.

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