Perfect Barbecued Fish

Many people go on fishing trips just for the fun of it. They therefore unnecessarily carry enough food and drinks to last them a lifetime while the tastiest food anyone can ever need in a fishing camp is literally under the fishing boat. If you have never cooked freshly-caught fish on charcoal barbecues, you don't know what you have been missing. Unless you will be fishing on barren waters and you really think you won't have any catch, leave some of the homemade food where it belongs and make room for one of the most savoury dishes for outdoors.

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Go the Natural Way

There are different types of grills in the market. Admittedly, gas grills are easy to clean and cook faster. However, Charcoal barbecues are old-fashioned and so is catching your own fish. There is, therefore, a feel of authenticity and naturalness with grilling your fish over charcoal just like in the old times.The point is, a fishing trip is one of the best ways of striking an affinity with the raw natural outdoor world and you wouldn't want that connection marred by the presence of electricity or gas.

A Distinct Flavor

If you have grilled meat directly over charcoal, the unique taste and flavor could not have escaped your notice. It is something that you cannot find with other forms of cooking. In fact, it is one of the main reasons for the rising popularity of barbecues even though they are now considered a traditional, slow way of cooking.

Retention of Nutrients

You may think that the roasting of meat over a charcoal barbecue is a drawback. It is not if you want to keep the nutrients. In addition, it allows the fat to liquefy and thus its separation from the meat is achieved. You will, in the end, not only have healthy but also tender and moist meat.

Keep in mind that fish cooks faster than most other types of meat. Therefore, you won't have to wait for too long. Moreover, you will easily be able to control the grill's temperature and move the coals to different positions on the grill.

The Cheapest Option

Among all the available types of grills in the market, the charcoal grill is the cheapest one. You, therefore, don't have to dig too deep into your pocket to have a tasty meal. However, you will have to clean it after every barbecue.Charcoal grills are also more portable than other grills such as a gas grill---you can easily chuck a bag of charcoal into the car and take it with you to the park or beach.

Bottom Line

There is nothing better than concluding your fishing adventure with a taste of your fresh catch right on the spot. Moreover, nothing brings out a celebratory mood naturally better than charcoal barbecues. If the smoky aroma of the roasting meat does not make your fishing trip a memorable one, the unique taste will. Chances are, you will henceforth try and find an excuse to go fishing with every little opportunity.